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Available: 2 pcsSKU - 02644
Amperage63 A
Package code1461036
Switch brandPrime
EquipmentBox, Device
Available: 2 pcsSKU - 02642
Amperage32 A
Package code1461036
Switch brandPrime
Available: 1 pcsSKU - 02640
Package code1461036
Available: 1 pcsSKU - 02635
Package code1461036
0 pcs | Out of stockSKU - 02634
Size105 mm×105 mm×70 mm
Package code1461036

Choosing electrical goods for the home at a low price

It is absolutely impossible to imagine modern life without electricity. A person is surrounded by various electrical appliances, mobile devices and household appliances powered by electricity. In our online store, electrical goods are presented in a wide range. offers to make all necessary purchases on the most favorable terms.

The range of electrical goods for the home

In our store, electrics is represented by a large number of electrical products that are available to everyone. Among the most popular products in the category of electrical equipment are:

  • voltage stabilizers;
  • circuit breakers and conventional circuit breakers;;
  • sockets;
  • batteries and accumulators;
  • extension cords;
  • current transformers.

These and many other electrical products are designed for domestic use, being specially designed for use in a standard 220V power grid. You can also choose equipment for three-phase 380V current sources and electrical devices used to work with different types of power supply, including those running on direct current.

What electrical products are available in the catalog

In our online store, electrical goods are divided into appropriate categories, thereby greatly simplifying their search. You will find all the necessary household appliances needed during the renovation of the premises. These include sockets and switches, junction boxes and cables for laying electrical wiring around the house.

The sale of electrical appliances for connecting various equipment is carried out. Including through voltage stabilizers and current transformers to protect sensitive consumer devices and measuring devices (electric meters) designed for other power parameters.

You can buy electrical goods online from us for assembling equipment in an electrical panel. It is also possible to purchase an electric meter, a set of automatic safety switches (RCD), busbars for connection and other accessories. By visiting the Schetchik electrical equipment, it will not be difficult to buy panel equipment, lighting systems and much more.

Why is it better to look for electrical goods from us

Online store of electrical goods offers favorable conditions for buyers. Regular customers highlight such advantages from making online purchases with us:

  • low prices for electrical goods;
  • affordable products from popular manufacturers and high-quality goods;
  • the goods are always in stock, there is everything that an electrician will need to work here;
  • different payment methods, including by card or cash on delivery

We sell only proven products that have repeatedly proven their effectiveness and reliability. Thus, we guarantee customers further long-term operation of the purchased devices.

Please note that our prices for electrical goods are much lower when compared with regular retail. At the same time, delivery is carried out to the address specified by the buyer to any region of Uzbekistan, including the settlements of Samarkand, Namangan, Andijan, Nukus, Bukhara, Fergana, Karshi, Kokand, Margilan, Navoi, Almalyk.

The well-thought-out interface of the site allows you to find and choose electrical goods in Tashkent or in any other city, based on the performance characteristics of the devices, the name of the brand or the country of manufacture. There is also a sorting by price.

Before buying electrical goods for the home, you can pre-evaluate their appearance from the photo and get acquainted with a detailed description, a complete list of technical characteristics.

If you have any difficulties finding or selecting devices in the Schetchik online, you can always contact our specialists at the phone numbers listed on the website to get all the necessary information about the cost or performance characteristics of a particular product.

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Address: 34, Ashrafi str., Tashkent | Landmark: Samarkand cafe, Yashnabad RES.
Opening hours: Mo-Fr, 9:00-18:00 | Sa-Su, 9:00-16:00
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