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Кабели и провода

Available: 278 pcsSKU - 06479
The PUGNP wire has a copper multi-wire core with PVC plastic insulation. The wire sheath is made of PVC plastic. The predominant field of application — the wire is designed for stationary laying in lighting networks with a voltage of up to 250 V AC with a frequency of 50 Hz
Cable typeMounting
Cable brandPUGNP
Number of cores2
Cross section of the main core1.5 sq mm

Cables and wires: types and purpose

A person who is far from electrics does not see the difference between a cable and a wire, but it exists. Today, consumers are offered a wide range of electrical products, including cable products. This is more than 15,000 items that are produced according to GOST standards. Cables of not only domestic production, but also foreign ones are presented on the market. It is sometimes very difficult for a simple consumer to navigate the choice and buy a cable in Uzbekistan.

All these devices have differences in labeling, technical characteristics, and purpose. Fortunately, you do not need to understand each of these varieties — it is enough to familiarize yourself with the general principles and objectives. When deciding to change the wiring in an apartment or house, it is better to buy a copper or aluminum conductor.

Wire and cable for electrics: the main differences

Many buyers refer to the same electricity conductors as a cable or wire, and sometimes even a cord. However, this formulation is not particularly correct, since these subjects have their own differences. Therefore, before purchasing a product, you should acquire basic knowledge. The wires consist of one or more conductors leading to a current and connect two sections of the electrical circuit. In turn, the veins can be single- and multi-wire, bare and isolated, differing in their technical parameters.

In fact, the electro cable is a prefabricated structure resembling a protected wire. That is, a cable means one or more insulated live conductors, and on top there is an additional insulating and protective layer of polymers, plastic or rubber. The difference between these two products lies in their main difference — the presence of insulation and purpose. If it is necessary to carry out work inside electrical distribution structures, you need to buy only a wire, if outside of them it is advisable to buy a cable.

Cables are used to move electric current over long distances (both underwater and underground), while wire is used for indoor data transmission. What is the price of an electric cable in Tashkent and other localities? Many consumers are interested in this and other electrical wiring issues when the question arises of choosing a reliable product.

The products have different values of AVVGNG 3X2.5, which are decoded as follows:

  • B — insulation of all PVC cores;
  • B — the upper body is made of PVC;
  • G — Cable flexibility;
  • NG — housing does not support combustion gorenje;
  • 3 — there are three veins;
  • 2.5 — there is a section of the vein.

It is recommended to choose a suitable electrical wiring depending on the power of the equipment that will be powered through it.

Where to buy cable in Uzbekistan

Modern and comfortable online store Schetchik.uz It offers a wide range of electrical products, the price of which is affordable. The company has been engaged in sales for more than 10 years and during this period has managed to accumulate a large base of satisfied customers. Thanks to the well-thought-out website, consumers can quickly find the right cable, the catalog is presented with articles and the number of pieces available.

Section "Electrics" it is located in a separate block for the convenience of site visitors. You can buy electric wire and cable there. It is proposed to sort products by the following categories:

  • title;
  • the price of an electric wire or cable;
  • sales hits;
  • Customer evaluation;
  • date of addition;
  • availability in the online store.

A detailed description, photos and specifications are attached to each product. You can also apply a filter and order a cable (wire) according to the following criteria:

  • cost;
  • material of manufacture;
  • stamp;
  • type;
  • number of veins;
  • section of the main and additional core;
  • brand.

Separately, you can download the price list in Excel format for all products from the section. The store offers certified and high-quality cables. The online store provides the fastest possible delivery not only in Tashkent, but also throughout Uzbekistan.

How to quickly buy a wire, cable: price, delivery in the online store

The sale of cables in the online store has been carried out for several years. The site has all the conditions for comfortable ordering of goods, including detailed information. If you have any questions, you can always contact the specialists of the market, who will help you choose a good electrical cable.

It is not difficult to buy an electric cable if you know its main varieties and characteristics. The online store of electric wires provides fast delivery and offers several available payment methods. For a quick selection of products, you can add to favorites and compare several products, including the cost of cables with similar characteristics.

What kind of electric wire or cable can I buy: varieties

The store offers to order an electric cable on favorable terms. But before buying, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the types of products. So, they are:

According to the technical purpose of the electrical wiring, you can buy the following:

The online store offers to deliver an electric cable to Tashkent in just an hour. So, if you urgently need a wire for electrics, you can place an order on the website or by phone.

How much does the cable cost in the online store

The main advantage of the Schetchik online store.uz is the current price of the electric cable. If a customer is interested in a specific product, he always sees its cost and counts on his financial capabilities, and does not wait until he is provided with a price list for an electric cable.

The Schetchik company.uz offers not only certified goods, but also regular promotions and discounts that allow you to save money. You can order an electric cable, the price of which is available in Tashkent, right now and personally verify the excellent service of the online store.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Какие виды кабелей бывают и в чем их особенности?

Существуют различные виды кабелей, включая силовые, оптоволоконные, коаксиальные и Ethernet-кабели. Силовые кабели используются для передачи электроэнергии, оптоволоконные – для высокоскоростной передачи данных, коаксиальные – чаще всего для телевизионных сигналов, а Ethernet-кабели – для сетевого подключения.

Как выбрать кабель для электропроводки в доме?

При выборе кабеля для домашней электропроводки важно учитывать его сечение, материал проводника (медь или алюминий) и тип изоляции. Сечение кабеля должно соответствовать нагрузке, которую он будет выдерживать.

В чем разница между кабелями CAT5, CAT6 и CAT7?

Основное отличие между кабелями CAT5, CAT6 и CAT7 заключается в их пропускной способности и защите от помех. CAT6 и CAT7 обеспечивают более высокую скорость передачи данных и лучшую защиту от внешних помех по сравнению с CAT5.

Можно ли использовать один и тот же кабель для телевизора и интернета?

Для телевизора обычно используются коаксиальные кабели, а для подключения к интернету – Ethernet-кабели. Несмотря на различия в конструкции и назначении, в некоторых случаях возможно использование универсальных кабелей, поддерживающих оба типа подключений.

Как правильно хранить и обслуживать кабели, чтобы продлить их срок службы?

Для продления срока службы кабелей важно избегать их чрезмерного перегиба, защищать от влаги и прямых солнечных лучей, а также регулярно проверять на предмет повреждений. Также рекомендуется использовать кабельные каналы или стяжки для аккуратного хранения.

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