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Office paper

Office paper in Uzbekistan: what do I need to know before buying?

The most expendable material in the business world is office paper. It is not difficult to order it in Tashkent, Schetchik online store it has an assortment of goods. However, few people know that paper also needs to be chosen correctly. It all seems the same, but it is sold in different packages and the price is different, but why?

How do I buy good quality office paper? In this matter, it is necessary to stop your choice, taking into account the printing technology of the printer used. After all, for inkjet or laser technology, sheets will not have the same parameters, which is why the price of office paper is different. Its characteristics such as density, brightness, and transparency also mean a lot. They determine how much one or another stationery paper can be used for color or black-and-white, double-sided printing of information. 

How much does office paper cost in our online store with delivery?

Almost every user wondered how much office paper in Tashkent of good quality would cost. After all, everyone wants to profitably buy this consumable. The market for this product is quite large and lively, because manufacturers regularly improve the quality of their products and look for ways to improve it. The cost of office paper is influenced by its characteristics, namely:

  1. Density. This parameter shows how much one sheet with an area of 1 sq. m. weighs. The most used office papers have a GSM of 80 g/sq. m. Such sheets are used for classic black-and-white printing (one-sided). For multi-colored and double-sided printing, including graphs, tables, an option with a density of 90 g /sq. m. is used. If it is necessary to print color data (for example, photos), it is better to order goods with a GSM of 90-120 g/sq. m. There is also a maximum density of sheets. It ranges from 120 to 190 g/sq. m. It is recommended to order such material for printing leaflets and posters.
  2. Brightness. Depending on the proportion and type of optical brightener used in the manufacture of the material, you can buy office paper with delivery in different shades. You've probably noticed that sheets that are too white are sometimes tedious to read, etc. ISO standards offer optimal whiteness with an index of 113. 
  3. Transparency. It indicates the possibility of printing from two sides of the sheet, therefore, the higher this indicator, the better for double-sided printing. Simply put, the printed information is practically not transferred to the opposite side. 

Schetchik online store offers to buy office paper with delivery from trusted manufacturers. You can order the product both online and by contacting us by phone. Orders are delivered as quickly as possible: in the city of Tashkent — within 1 hour, in other cities of Uzbekistan — in 1 day. 

Good office paper: we buy at an affordable price

Still don't know where to buy paper? Contact the Schetchik online store, on the site you can sort products by such parameters as:

  • title;
  • price;
  • a hit of sales;
  • Customer evaluation;
  • date of addition;
  • availability. 

The online store offers to buy a pack of paper for an affordable price. As a rule, there are 500 sheets in one pack, and if more is needed, then you should increase the order quantity in the basket. 

It is also worth knowing that all the paper that you can order right now is divided into three classes:

  • A. Has the highest rates of high-quality printing, such paper meets the most stringent criteria.
  • B. It is produced with sufficiently good characteristics that can be used everywhere except for high-speed printing.
  • With. This is a class of paper of normal quality, a budget and often used alternative for single-sided printing on laser printers.

Office paper in Tashkent, which is offered by our online store, is suitable for conventional appliances. Its parameters should be selected depending on the area of use. It is also important to understand that the durability of the printing equipment depends on the quality of this consumable. 

You can find out how much the paper (pack) costs directly on the website. Also, with the help of convenient filters, the product is selected, if necessary, added to favorites. This helps to compare several options in order to choose the most appropriate one for specific purposes. Before buying, it is always recommended to pay attention to the characteristics or take into account the information on the package, there should be indicated the type of printer for which the product is intended.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Какие виды офисной бумаги доступны в магазине

В магазине представлены различные виды офисной бумаги, подходящие для струйных и лазерных принтеров. Бумага варьируется по плотности, яркости и прозрачности, что влияет на её пригодность для цветной, черно-белой и двухсторонней печати.

На что следует обратить внимание при выборе офисной бумаги?

При выборе офисной бумаги важно учитывать плотность (GSM), яркость и прозрачность бумаги. Эти характеристики определяют подходит ли бумага для вашего типа печати, включая цветную печать, двухстороннюю печать и печать фотографий.

Какие услуги предлагает интернет-магазин в сфере офисной бумаги?

Интернет-магазин предлагает широкий ассортимент офисной бумаги с возможностью подбора по различным характеристикам. Клиенты могут заказать бумагу онлайн с быстрой доставкой по Ташкенту и другим городам Узбекистана.

Какие преимущества покупки офисной бумаги в

Покупка офисной бумаги в обеспечивает доступ к качественным продуктам от проверенных производителей по доступным ценам. Клиенты также могут воспользоваться удобными фильтрами для выбора подходящего типа бумаги.

Как осуществляется доставка офисной бумаги от

Доставка офисной бумаги от осуществляется в течение 1-2 часов по городу Ташкенту и за 1 день по другим городам Узбекистана, обеспечивая удобство и экономию времени для клиентов.

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