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Ultrasonic Household Gas Meter Agate G16

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Ultrasonic household gas meter Agate G16 All payment methods: UzKart (online), cash, transfer.

THE WARRANTY is 1 year.


The ultrasonic gas meter with automatic temperature compensation AGAT G16 is designed for measuring the volume of gas passed through them (natural gas according to GOST 5542, liquefied gas according to GOST 20448 and other non-aggressive gases) in a low-pressure gas pipeline, bringing the measured volume of gas to normal conditions at temperature (+20 ° C), according to GOST 2939.

For the convenience of consumers of AGAT ultrasonic gas meters, it is possible to adjust the coefficients P (operating overpressure of gas) and G (gas density) at the manufacturer for the real conditions of the gas network of consumers.

Information about the total measured volume of gas consumed is displayed on the counter display. It is possible to transmit this information via the RS-232 interface to a centralized automated energy accounting system via a wired line. The meter is fully adapted for use in an automated commercial gas metering system.

Technical specifications:

- Measured medium: natural gas methane.
- Indication of the measured gas volume (in m3) of the operating time (in hours): 8 digits, the price of the smallest digit is 0.001; 8 digits, the price of the smallest digit is 1.
- Rated capacity (m3/h): 16;
- Maximum capacity (m3/h): 25;
- Minimum capacity (m3/h): 0.16;
- Sensitivity threshold (m3/h), no more than 0.032.
- Maximum operating pressure (kPa): 100.
- Margin of error (%): - from Qmin to 0.1 Qnom ± 3; - from 0.1 Qnom to Qmax ± 1.5.
- Operating temperature range (°C): -40 to +50.
- Degree of explosion protection: 1Exsibs IIA T6X.
- Thread size of fittings (inch): 1 x.
- Installation method: vertical/horizontal.
- Overall dimensions (mm): 306x154x80.
- Weight (kg): not more than 1,7.
- Average time to failure (hours): at least 100,000.
- Service life (years): at least 25.
- Power supply: 10Ah lithium battery (3.0...3.6 V).
- Battery life (years): at least 6.

Advantages of the AGATE gas meter:

-Absence of moving parts and assemblies
-High measurement accuracy
-High stability of metrological characteristics
-The possibility of introducing correction coefficients for gas pressure and density
-Automatic reduction of the measured volume to a temperature of +20 °C
-The presence of an RS232 interface for transmitting information
-The ability to calibrate by seven points.

In the package:

1) box
2) counter
3) Passport
4) Adapter
5) Certificate of Conformity


Diameter32 Ø
Installation objectProduction, Internal accounting, Entity
Accounting methodUltrasonic
Measuring range (m3/h)0.16 — 25
Gas meter brandAGAT
Thermal correctionYes
Connecting ASKUGYes
EquipmentDevice, Box, Gaskets, Passport
Certificate (years):10 - individuals/legal entities

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