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Heat flowmeter - Heat meter | Energy accounting UVR-T M1.1/In | electric heating cabinet | Ukraine

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Ultrasonic UVR-T M1.1 heat meters are designed to measure thermal power and the amount of thermal energy in accordance with the current accounting rules at industrial enterprises and municipal facilities: — volume, mass, volume and mass flow of coolant in the incident, reverse, make-up pipelines; — operating time and downtime; — temperatures, temperature differences; — pressures. Heat meters are designed for commercial and technological accounting of thermal energy, water and other liquids, can be included in measuring systems, automated control systems, etc. FEATURES: The heat meter implements an ultrasonic time-pulse flow measurement method. The configuration of the heat meter is performed from the built-in keyboard or via the RS-232/485 interface with a PC. There is protection of settings and archived data from unauthorized changes by restricting access to management using a password system and the presence of hardware protection of the configuration from overwriting. The fact and time of measurement is recorded in the non-volatile memory of the counter in the archive of interventions. THE NON-VOLATILE MEMORY OF THE HEAT METER STORES: the amount of thermal power; the amount of thermal energy; volume and mass of the coolant; average values of coolant pressures and temperatures; operating times, downtime and absence of soaring; archive of events. TYPE AND NUMBER OF MEASUREMENT CHANNELS: Flow measurement channels – 1 or 2. Pressure measurement channels – up to 3. Temperature measurement channels – up to 3. The temperature measurement range is from 0 to 150 ° C. The measuring range of the temperature difference is from 0 to 150 ° C. NOMINAL DIAMETER OF THE PIPELINE (DN): Mortise PEA – from 200 to 4000 mm. Mortise sections – from 25 to 1600 mm. Overhead PEA – from 70 to 3200 mm. The flow velocity measurement range is from 0.1 to 10.0 m/s. INPUT CHANNELS FOR CONTINUOUS DC SIGNALS: The number of channels is up to 3. Ranges – 4÷20 mA /Rvx ≤ 500 Ohms; 0÷5 mA /Rvx ≤ 2 ohms. The sensors are powered by a built–in 24V source. Power supply of the shaper – up to 15 V, current up to 0.05 A; not less than 0.25 Watts. The measurement ranges are 4-20 mA or 0 ÷ 5 mA. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: The indicator is a graphic LCD, size 128 x 64 dots. The keyboard is membrane, 20 keys. The exchange flow is ModBus RTU. Exchange rate – 4800; 9600; 19200; 38400; 57600; 115200 bit/s. Power supply - ~ 220 V; 50 Hz; 5 VA /=12 V; 3.5 W. Cable from PEA to BE – RK-50; RK-75; MKESHV 1x2x0,75 or similar. Cable from TSP to B – PVSe 2x2x0,75 or similar; length not more than 100m. Operating conditions: BE – Temperature from 5 to 50 ° C; humidity up to 80%. PEA – Temperature from -20 to 150 ° C; humidity up to 100%. The capacitance /inductance of the line is no more than 15 nF /no more than 0.2 MHz. The degree of protection of BE /PEA is IP56 /IP67. For more information about the product, please check with the seller by contacting him by phone +99871 200-18-00


Installation objectProduction, Entity
Accounting methodUltrasonic
Type of water accountingCold water, Hot water
Water meter brandEnergoUchot
EquipmentDevice, Box, Mounting parts, Modem (built-in), Communication cable, Passport, Manual, Warranty card, Battery
Certificate (years):8 - individuals / 4 - legal entities

Heat flowmeter - Heat meter | Energy accounting UVR-T M1.1/In | electric heating cabinet | Ukraine reviews

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