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Wall mounted gas boiler Deluxe S 24K

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SKU: 00108
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• Stable operation of the boiler at relatively low gas pressure. • Stable operation at low main water pressure-less than 0.1 bar. • 2 heat exchangers (main and DHW) • Beautiful design. • Remote room remote control included. • Cost-effectiveness and high efficiency. • Convenience of service. STABLE OPERATION OF THE BOILER AT LOW GAS PRESSURE: The boiler operates stably and safely at a gas pressure of 4 mbar (40 mm).pillar), thanks to which it has proven itself well in all regions of the CIS. The ability to use hot water even at low incoming water pressure The boiler works stably at a water pressure of less than 0.1 bar, so it can be used in multi-storey buildings where the water pressure is insufficient. RELIABLE SYSTEM OF PROTECTION OF THE HOUSE FROM FREEZING: When the temperature in the heating system drops below +10 °C, the heating pipes freeze protection system automatically activates in the boiler. The circulation pump starts automatically, ensuring constant circulation of the coolant in the system. This ensures the safety of the engineering systems of the house. At a temperature of +6 °C in the heating system, a burner is turned on to heat the heating system. STAINLESS STEEL HEAT EXCHANGER The main stainless steel heat exchanger is designed so that less scale is deposited in it than in older models. ECONOMY: With the help of the APS sensor (air pressure sensor), stable combustion is guaranteed and gas consumption is significantly reduced.Gorenje The APS sensor clearly controls the amount of gas required for combustion, thereby ensuring complete combustion and significantly reducing gas consumption.Gorenje An efficient fan ensures safe gorenje, which allows the boiler to be used in apartment buildings. note: 1. The coaxial chimney is not included in the price. The native size of the chimney is 60/100 mm. Almost any European-type chimney will do. In addition, an adapter for installing a chimney from the ACE 75/100 mm model is sold. 2. It is allowed to use a homemade chimney made of metal sheet, if necessary. However, ANY chimney design should be such that condensate does not enter the boiler. 3. Our company also sells separate pipes for chimneys to our boilers, which can be extended to the desired distance. Material-stainless steel, made in Korea. Gas boilers are economical, safe, low noise and simple. Gas boilers are very convenient to use. technical specifications: heating: Output power: 8-24 KW/h. Efficiency: 92.0%. Rated temperature: 40~80°C. Maximum working pressure: 0.5/3.0 Kg/cm2. Max. heating area: 240 m2. OTHER PARAMETERS: Fuel type: Natural gas LNG /liquefied gas LPG. Gas consumption 0.86-2.58 m3/h, 0.71-2.15 kg/h Purpose: Heating and hot water. Gas pressure (with the boiler on):100-250 mmH2O Voltage/frequency: 220/50 V/ø/Hz. Electricity consumption: 150 W. DIMENSIONS: Width: 400 mm. Height: 665 mm. Length: 255 mm. Net weight: 26 kg. Gas supply: 15 mm. Heating pipes/return : 15 mm. DHW pipes: 15 mm. Chimney diameter: 60 ø mm. Exhaust temperature: less than 220°C.


Square — 240 sq m
Efficiency (%)92
Fuel typeNatural gas
Volume6 — 8 l
Power consumption150 W
EquipmentBox, Passport
Heater/water heater brandNavien
CountrySouth Korea
Package code1461036

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