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3-phase electricity meter | Mercury 230 ART-03 PQRSIDN | 3x230/400V 5-7.5A| Russia

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Mercury 230 ART-03 meters are designed to account for active and reactive electrical energy and power in one direction in three-phase 3- and 4-wire AC networks with a frequency of 50 Hz through measuring transformers or directly with the possibility of tariff accounting for zones of the day, accounting for losses and transmission of measurements and accumulated information about energy consumption by digital interface channels. They are operated independently or as part of any information and measurement systems of technical and commercial accounting. The meters are designed for indoor use and can be used in places with additional protection from environmental influences (installed indoors, in a cabinet, in a flap). FEATURES: Measurement, accounting, storage, output to the LCD and transmission via the interfaces of active and reactive electricity separately for each tariff and the amount for all tariffs for the following time periods: the energy of everything from the reset of readings; energy at the beginning of the current and previous days; energy at the beginning of the current and 11 previous months; energy at the beginning of the current and previous year; expense for the current and previous days; expense for the current and 11 previous months. A tariffier with the ability to set a separate schedule for each day of the week for 4 tariffs in 16 time zones of the day. Each month of the year is programmed for an individual tariff schedule. The minimum interval of the tariff within a day is 1 minute. The function of phase-by-phase multi-tariff accounting. Accounting for technical losses in power lines and power transformers. Measurement of electrical network parameters: instantaneous values of active, reactive and total power for each phase and for the sum of phases, indicating the direction of the full power vector; effective values of phase currents and voltages; values of angles between phase voltages; network frequency; power coefficients for each phase and for the sum of phases. Power profile and power profile of technical losses with an arbitrary averaging time from 1 to 45 minutes. The storage depth is 85 days for an averaging time of 30 minutes. Fixing the morning and evening maxima of active and reactive power at a given interval with a monthly schedule. Logging of events, including events of electricity quality indicators. The ability to connect backup power. The presence of multifunctional pulse outputs, including with a load control function. Automatic self-diagnosis with error indication. Non-volatile electronic seal. Recording of unauthorized impacts in non-erasable event logs. technical specifications: Active /full power consumption by the meter voltage circuit at rated voltage: 2 W /10 V*A. The total power consumed by each current circuit, no more than: 0.1 V*A. The range of supply voltages of the input of the backup power supply and the power supply of the interfaces: RS-485 - 5.5 /CAN, B - 12. Average current consumption from the external power supply of RS-485, CAN interfaces, mA: 30. Average current consumption from the backup power source, mA: 150. Number of tariffs: 4. Data safety during power breaks, at least: 10 years. Verification interval: 10 years old. Warranty period: 3 years. Time to failure, at least: 150,000 hours. Operating temperature range: -40 to +55 °C. Weight, no more: 1.5 kg. Dimensions (L-W-H): 170 x 74 x 258 mm. METROLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Accuracy class of counters (asset. /reagent): transformer activation: 0.5S/1. direct connection: 1/2. Rated voltage V: transformer switching: 3*57.7/100 . Direct connection: 3*230/400. Rated /maximum current, A: transformer switching: 5/7.5. Direct switching: 5/60; 10/100. Maximum current for 10 ms: 30*I max. Maximum current for transformer switch-on counters for 0.5 s: 20*I max. Sensitivity when measuring active energy, A: transformer switching: 0.005 direct switching: 0.02; 0.04


Voltage380 V
Amperage5 A
Installation objectA private house, Internal accounting
Connecting ASKUENo
Electricity meter brandMercury
EquipmentDevice, Box, Passport, Manual
Guarantee36 mo.
Package code1461036

3-phase electricity meter | Mercury 230 ART-03 PQRSIDN | 3x230/400V 5-7.5A| Russia reviews

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