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Kit | Electronic water meter | Ultramer-20 + Modem

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The Ultramer-20 electronic water meter kit with a modem is ideal in commercial water accounting for the private sector and legal entities. It is powered by a built-in battery. An Ultrameter is connected to the modem, working via a SIM card. The SIM card is purchased separately.
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Diameter20 Ø
Installation objectCottage, A private house, Entity
Accounting methodUltrasonic
Type of water accountingCold water, Hot water
Min-Nom-Max flow rate (m3/h)0.032 × 4 × 5
Measuring range (m3/h)0.032 — 5
Sensitivity threshold m3/h0.016
Working temperature5 — 90 °C
Water meter brandUltramer
Weight1305 g
Size130 × 100 × 80 mm
EquipmentDevice, Box, Mounting parts, Gaskets, Modem (built-in), Communication cable, Passport, Certificate
Certificate (years):8 - individuals / 4 - legal entities
Guarantee12 sec
Data transferGPRS/GSM 900/1800, RS-232, RS-485
IPIP68 (dust-proof, moisture-proof to a depth of 35 m)

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