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Thermal resistance converter platinum TPS Metran-200

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Thermal resistance converters TSM and TSP Metran-200 are designed: - TSM Metran-203, -204, TSP Metran-206 for measuring temperatures of liquid, gaseous and bulk media in various industries; - TSM Metran-243, TSP Metran-245 for measuring the temperature of small bearings and solids. DESCRIPTION: The principle of temperature measurement using the TS is based on the dependence of the resistance of the sensor element (CE) of the TS on the temperature of the medium being measured. The vehicle consists of one or two CE, which are a winding of copper or platinum wire. The CE is placed in a protective armature and is connected to the reinforced contacts of the connecting head by means of connecting wires according to 2, 3 or 4-wire circuits or is removed by a connecting cable for further switching in automation systems. Depending on the type of sensing element, the TS are divided into modifications: copper TSM Metran-203, -204, -243 and platinum TSP Metran-206, -245, differing in scope and design of protective fittings. For more information about the product, please check with the seller by contacting him by phone +99871 200-18-00



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