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Gas flow meter | Ultramag-100-G160-1:160-2-1A-L | Russia

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Complex for measuring the amount of gas Ultramag-100-G160-1:160-2-1A-L

ULTRAMAG complexes are designed to measure the volume and volume flow of natural gas with reduction in pressure, temperature and compressibility coefficient.

The complexes can be used at gas distribution stations, gas distribution points, boiler houses, industrial enterprises and other gas metering units with R vx. not more than 1.6 MPa.

Structurally, the ULTRAMAG complex includes: a measuring and computing unit with a display, a keyboard, an autonomous power source, an ultrasonic operating flow converter, an absolute (excess) pressure converter, a gas temperature converter. The complex is supplied by the manufacturer in the form of a fully ready module for installation and operation.

Functional features of the ULTRAMAG complex
— high metrological stability;
— the spatial position of the meter does not affect its metrological characteristics;
— local resistances do not change the error (if there are straight sections of at least 5DN at the input and at least 3DN at the output);
— wide range of pressure channel measurement 1:10;
— wide range of operating costs Qmin/Qmax up to 1:160;
— simultaneous operation of three interfaces RS-232, RS-485, optoport;
— self-powered by built-in battery;
— placement in an explosive zone;
— complete set with absolute or overpressure sensor;
— deep archives of records (up to 2000 months);
— absence of mechanical rotating parts.

Country of origin: Russia
Scope of application: Industrial


Diameter100 Ø
Installation objectProduction, Entity
Accounting methodUltrasonic
Connecting ASKUGYes
Certificate (years):8 - individuals / 4 - legal entities
Measuring range (m3/h)1.25 — 250
Operating pressure range (kPa) — 1600
Gas pressureMedium, High
Gas meter brandUltramag
Thermal correctionNo
Working temperature-40 — 65 °C
Degree of protectionIP 65
Data transferGPRS/GSM 900/1800, RS-232, RS-485
EquipmentDevice, Box, Mounting parts, Gaskets, Passport, Manual
Guarantee12 mo.

Gas flow meter | Ultramag-100-G160-1:160-2-1A-L | Russia reviews

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