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Gas Flow meter | Gas Metering System | AutoPilot Pro | USA

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The AutoPILOT PRO measuring system from Thermo Scientific offers a number of advantages: 1. Innovative technologies and integrated applications in the fields of natural gas production, transportation and distribution. 2. Easy configuration for simple gas flow measurement or complex tasks. 3. High measurement accuracy and unsurpassed reliability. 4. Multiparameter sensor for measuring pressure, differential pressure and temperature. 5. Fast transfer of information to a computer or memory card via a...
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AutoPILOT PRO measuring systems

designed for measuring flow, volume, temperature, pressure and pressure difference, as well as measuring and converting output electrical signals from flow, temperature, pressure and pressure difference converters into physical quantities and calculating the volume and volume flow of natural gas, reduced to standard conditions in one or more pipelines.

The system consists of a computer case with a display and keyboard and AutoMITTER PRO touch modules. Inside the computer case there is a microprocessor, non-volatile memory, an internal battery and devices that process input signals from primary converters and generate output signals. Depending on the application conditions, the computer case can be made of fiberglass or metal.

Structurally, the sensor module can be made in a separate housing (spaced version) or be in the same housing with a calculator (built-in version). The number of built-in sensor modules in the system is not more than one, sensor modules in a spaced version is not more than four.

The sensor module includes:
- converter of static pressure (absolute or excessive) into a digital signal;
- pressure difference converter to digital signal;
- analog-to-digital signal converter for resistance thermal converter and Pt 100 resistance thermal converter of class A or B;
- microprocessor.

Sensor modules, depending on the measured static pressure, can be manufactured in the versions MXA 125, MXA 145, MXG 170.

The principle of operation of the system consists in measuring and converting the output electrical signals from flow, temperature, pressure and pressure difference converters into values of physical quantities or measuring temperature, pressure and pressure difference and calculating the volume and volume flow of natural gas reduced to standard conditions (temperature 20 ° C and absolute pressure 101325 Pa).

The results of measurements and calculations can be displayed on the system display or transmitted to higher-level systems.

The system has an archive for storing daily or hourly measured and calculated parameters, archives of events and errors for a maximum of six pipelines. The total number of records in the system archive is up to 5400.

With the help of a personal computer connected to the system and AutoConfig software, its configuration can be performed.

The digital identifier of the software is not displayed on the LCD of the system. Self-diagnosis is carried out to monitor the operation of the system. To protect against unauthorized access to the system software, access to the system settings is limited by a password and seals.

Measured pressure: absolute
Measuring range of static pressure, MPa: from 0 to 5.2
Measuring range of pressure difference, kPa: from 0 to 100
Temperature measurement range, °C: -40 to +93.33

Metrological and technical characteristics of the system:
Natural gas temperature range, °C - from -23.15 to 66.85
The range of absolute pressure of natural gas, MPa - from 0.1 to 12
Display device - liquid crystal display (LCD)

Input signal type/number of inputs:
4 - 20 mA or 0 - 5 V /up to 12 Frequency up to 10 kHz /up to 10
Output signal type/Number of outputs:
4 - 20mA or 0 - 5 V /up to 12
Interface: RS-232/RS-485, MODBUS, Ethernet
Ambient temperature, °C (for LCD): -40 to +80 (-20 to +80)
DC power supply voltage, V: from 10 to 30

Completeness of the measuring instrument:
- AutoPILOT PRO measuring system
- Verification method
- A set of operational documentation
- Passport
- AutoConfig configuration program (CD)

Manufacturer - USA

1) Honeywell multifunction sensor
2) Autopilot Body PRO
3) Cable with temperature sensor
4) 5-valve manifold
5) Solar panel
6) Controller
7) Battery


Installation objectProduction, Entity, CNG station
Accounting methodDifferential pressure flow meter
Connecting ASKUGYes
Certificate (years):10 - individuals/legal entities
Accurasy %0.75
Gas pressureMedium, High
Gas meter brandAutoPilot
Thermal correctionYes
Weight15000 g
SupplyBattery, A solar panel
Data transferGPRS/GSM 900/1800, RS-232, RS-485
EquipmentDevice, Box, Communication cable, Passport, Certificate, Manual, Charger, Battery, A solar panel, The control unit
Guarantee12 mo.

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