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Water filter Dn-15

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The DU-15 coarse water filter is a reliable device for removing large pollutants from tap water. Protects your pipes, meters and household appliances.
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Water is our main resource, which we use every day. But in order for it to be of high quality and safe, it is necessary to take some measures. One of these methods is to install a coarse water filter.

A great option to protect your water meter from unwanted contamination is a coarse water filter, Dn-15! This compact and reliable filter will help extend the service life of your meter and protect it from sand, dirt, rust and other harmful particles.

Do not expose your water to the risk of becoming contaminated! The Dn-15 coarse water filter is highly efficient and allows you to keep your pipes and water supply systems clean, which means you can enjoy crystal clear water around the clock.

Easy to install and maintain, the Dn-15 coarse water filter will become an indispensable assistant for home water supply. It will prevent serious breakdowns and problems with technical systems, which will provide you with comfort and peace of mind.

✅ Protect your water meter from contamination and extend its service life with a coarse water filter, Dn-15!

#filter cleaning #water supply #meter protection #clean water #household #quality water supply


Diameter15 Ø
Guarantee12 mo.

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