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Buy extension cords in Uzbekistan at an affordable price

With the increase in the number of household energy consumers, there is a shortage of free electrical outlets. An alternative solution to this situation is to buy an extension cord. On the one hand, the device is a part of the power grid consisting of an outlet module and a cable, on the other hand, it is a mobile version of a stationary outlet. The extension cord is used to supply power to any place remote from the network.

An extension cord, the price of which is available in online store Schetchik.uz, is one of the most popular products today. It can be found almost everywhere: at home, in the office, warehouses, etc. This recognition is due to the effectiveness and ease of use. You can order the desired product by visiting the company's website. Delivery is carried out throughout Uzbekistan.

How to order extension cords in Tashkent

It would seem that it could be easier than choosing an extension cord. Today they are available in different versions and with wide functionality, so it becomes more difficult to choose from such a variety. The specialists of the Schetchik online store will tell you how to buy a good household extension cord.uz, which specializes in selling certified products from trusted brands.

You can buy an extension cord for stationary and occasional use. The device belongs to the group of electrical equipment products and is systematized into the following categories:

  • method of operation (carrying, fixed);
  • cable mounting (collapsible and not);
  • electric shock protection function (normal and enhanced);
  • protection from external influence;
  • temperature protection of the cable.

In addition, you can order an extension cord depending on the configuration: household and professional devices. The first category is mainly used for home, office and other administrative institutions. The price for such extension cords is low, the second one is on construction sites for supplying power to the tool. These two types differ in the presence of a cable coil with sockets in the latter.

Before ordering a device, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its characteristics. There are devices on sale with and without grounding, equipped with a button or switch, equipped with indicators, and they can also significantly differ in the number of sockets. These criteria, in turn, affect the power indicator and the number of consumers connected to the network.

Design features

The type of classic extension cable consists of the following elements:

  • electric cord with plug;
  • plastic housing with sockets.

You can find out how much an extension cord costs on the website of the online store. The cost of an extension cord is affected by the length of the wire, which varies between 1.8—10 m. The extension cable can be of different types depending on the tasks and operation. The most common is PVS, SHVVP and KG wire:

  1. The PVS is operated at a rated voltage of up to 380 V. The structure has copper connecting wires, a circular cross section and a vinyl shell. Prices for PVS extension cords are low, but they are not suitable for use in winter.
  2. SHVVP is a compact but less durable flat—shaped cable.
  3. The KG cord is characterized by special flexibility and a rubber body, resistant to mechanical damage and various weather conditions, except for direct sunlight.

At first glance, a simple device requires a balanced approach, so you should choose it in a specialized store. So, order extension cords in Uzbekistan in the Schetchik online store.uz is offered with fast delivery.

Where to buy an extension cord in Tashkent with delivery

Schetchik online store.uz is a modern and convenient market with a wide range of electrical goods at competitive prices. The catalog of titles with a price list is presented in such a way that the user can quickly find the desired section. It takes a few minutes to place an order. Delivery in Tashkent for a certain amount is free and is carried out in just 1-2 hours.

Using the presented filter, you can sort products in the right way, for example, by price or sales hits. You can use the reviews, but it is better to contact a qualified specialist who will tell you exactly how best to order an extension cord in Tashkent.

The cost of products in the online store is one of the most acceptable, since the company regularly offers promotions and discounts. The price for an extension cord in Uzbekistan on the website https://schetchik.uz/ It is one of the lowest in the country.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Как выбрать удлинитель для дома или офиса?

При выборе удлинителя важно учитывать его длину, количество розеток, наличие заземления и максимально допустимую нагрузку. Для офиса рекомендуются удлинители с большим количеством розеток и защитой от перегрузок.

В чем разница между удлинителями с заземлением и без?

Удлинители с заземлением обеспечивают дополнительную защиту от поражения электрическим током и рекомендуются для подключения более мощной техники. Удлинители без заземления подходят для подключения менее мощных устройств.

Можно ли использовать удлинитель для подключения мощных бытовых приборов?

Да, но важно убедиться, что максимальная нагрузка удлинителя соответствует потребляемой мощности приборов. Для мощных приборов, таких как обогреватели или стиральные машины, следует выбирать удлинители с высокой максимальной нагрузкой.

Какие меры безопасности следует соблюдать при использовании удлинителей?

Необходимо избегать перегрузки удлинителя, не подключать к нему сразу несколько мощных устройств. Также важно не оставлять включенный удлинитель без присмотра на длительное время и не использовать его в условиях повышенной влажности.

Существуют ли удлинители с дополнительными функциями?

Да, на рынке представлены удлинители с различными дополнительными функциями, такими как USB-порты для зарядки устройств, встроенные выключатели для каждой розетки, индикаторы нагрузки и защита от короткого замыкания.

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