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Incandescent typeLED
EquipmentDevice, Box, Battery
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EquipmentDevice, Box, Battery
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Package code1461036

LED lights: buy in the Schetchik online store 

Lighting is necessary and important in many applications today. Modern lighting devices regularly undergo transformations for the better. In general, lanterns are used to create additional lighting. This is a universal device that may be required in a variety of life situations: 

  • in case of a power outage;
  • for lighting the road at night;
  • hiking and other types of tourism;
  • if it is necessary to carry out repairs in a dark room;
  • in other circumstances, where a bright luminous flux may be required.

Prices for a lantern vary in different ranges and depend mainly on the light source used in them: incandescent lamps, halogens or LEDs. Due to the wide range of models, there are street and hand-held, suspended, head-mounted devices. 

It would seem that what could be easier than buying a flashlight? But if you do not know for what purposes it will be used, you may not achieve the desired result. Uzbek offers to buy good lanterns Schetchik online store at low prices and with a guarantee. 

Which is better to buy lanterns with delivery: the main varieties 

A powerful flashlight is not necessarily a bulky device that won't fit even in a purse. On the contrary, current manufacturers are developing compact, multifunctional devices with unique capabilities. 

All lighting devices can be purchased at:

  • purpose;
  • type of light source;
  • the method of power supply.

The modern online store "Counter" offers to order goods online. You can choose a lantern from the catalog either independently or with the help of a company specialist. The full range of the market is presented on the website. The following format is offered to buy a device for its intended purpose:

  • pocket models; 
  • tourist; 
  • lanterns for security services; 
  • tactical;
  • underwater; 
  • mining companies. 

The online store of flashlights offers to choose devices depending on the power supply source:

  • the usual incandescent lamps;
  • halogen;
  • xenon;
  • LED devices.

This type of lighting is so popular that the scope of their application is expanding very quickly. It is profitable and reliable to sell them. The modern consumer prefers this type of goods due to significant advantages:

  • minimum energy consumption;
  • long service life;
  • impact-resistant housing;
  • compactness;
  • security, etc.

We recommend ordering LED lights online for household use – due to the economical consumption of electricity, the lighting device will last a long time. In addition, the LED-type lamp does not heat up, it has a luminous brightness of 95 lumens per watt. Separately, I would like to note the expansion of LED, which occupies a high position in the field of interior design and lighting design.

Buy flashlights in Uzbekistan by power supply method

When choosing a lighting device, pay special attention to the power supply. Depending on it, the devices are divided into:

  • rechargeable;
  • powered by batteries;
  • electrodynamic. 

The price of battery-powered devices is the lowest, but such devices have some disadvantages. It is inconvenient for most users to constantly monitor the performance of batteries, because the longer they are used, the weaker the light flow will be. 

The cost of battery-type lanterns is higher than other models, but they are practical and versatile. Such a device can always be plugged into an outlet for charging, it is much more convenient and cheaper than regularly buying a set of batteries. 

Electrodynamic models provide for manual operation of the device, that is, they shine as long as the generator is running. It is best to order such a lantern as a tourist option, which is necessary in places with a complete lack of electricity supply. 

If you are interested in selling high-quality lanterns in Uzbekistan, you should pay attention to such important criteria as: 

  • required power; 
  • continuous operation time;
  • Power supply;
  • water resistance.

The online store offers to order a flashlight on favorable terms of payment and delivery. 

The cost of lanterns in the online store 

The lighting market presents a wide range of different lighting devices. On the website of the online store "Counter", the product of interest can be found in the corresponding section of the catalog "Lighting"—"Lanterns". Full information is provided here:

  • the price of a lantern;
  • specifications;
  • availability;
  • photo.

The cost can be sorted downwards or upwards. It is not difficult to order a flashlight at a price of 38,500 soums on the website, but you need to check the availability of goods in stock. The device is usually supplied with instructions and a warranty card, some brands may be equipped with a storage case, possibly with replaceable optics. The sale of lanterns in the Republic of Uzbekistan is carried out promptly with delivery to any corner of the country. In the city of Tashkent, delivery is carried out within an hour.

It is quite easy and fast to buy flashlights in Tashkent through an online store. To do this, if you have a model you like, you need to click on the basket image and place an order by selecting payment terms and delivery address. The company also offers to buy goods in installments and pay in installments. 

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Какие бывают типы фонарей и в чем их особенности?

Существуют ручные фонари, налобные фонари, тактические фонари, а также фонари для кемпинга. Ручные фонари удобны для общего использования, налобные идеальны для работы руками, тактические фонари обеспечивают высокую мощность и прочность, а фонари для кемпинга часто имеют дополнительные функции, такие как режимы освещения.

На что обратить внимание при выборе фонаря?

При выборе фонаря важно учитывать его мощность (люмены), тип и продолжительность работы батареи, водонепроницаемость, устойчивость к ударам и дальность светового луча.

Какие батареи лучше использовать для фонарей?

Выбор батарей зависит от типа фонаря. Для мощных тактических фонарей лучше использовать перезаряжаемые литий-ионные батареи. Для обычных ручных фонарей подойдут алкалиновые или никель-металлгидридные (NiMH) аккумуляторы.

Можно ли использовать фонарь в экстремальных условиях?

Да, многие фонари, особенно тактические, разработаны для использования в экстремальных условиях. Они часто водонепроницаемы и устойчивы к ударам, что делает их идеальными для использования в сложных погодных условиях и в условиях риска.

Как обеспечить долговечность фонаря?

Для обеспечения долговечности фонаря рекомендуется регулярно проверять и чистить контакты батареи, избегать попадания влаги внутрь устройства и хранить фонарь в сухом месте. Также важно использовать качественные батареи и своевременно их заменять.

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