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Датчик избыточного давления

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Overpressure sensors

An absolute overpressure sensor is a device for determining pressure relative to atmospheric pressure. Its principle of operation is to change the physical parameters depending on the pressure of the measured medium (gas, liquid, steam).

Features and areas of application

The overpressure sensor is part of a heating or water supply system. In addition, this device is often used in a variety of technological processes in production, as well as to monitor the serviceability of pressure gauges.

These devices are most often used in such industries:

  • energy;
  • chemical;
  • metallurgical industry;
  • in the communal sector.

Their use allows not only to control the efficiency of the equipment, but also to prevent the occurrence of an emergency situation associated with fluctuations in the pressure of the working medium inside the system.

Types of devices

According to the principle of operation, the overpressure sensor can be of two types:

  1. Deformation device – in it, the increased pressure in the network is converted into an electromagnetic or electrical signal.
  2. Electrical device – the reaction of the sensing element is converted into electrical parameters corresponding in magnitude: electric charge, capacitance, and resistance. According to this characteristic, piezoelectric, capacitive and piezoresistive models are distinguished.

In addition, overpressure sensors are divided into two types depending on the way the output signal is produced:

  • digital;
  • analog ones.

The main advantages

When using these devices, several advantages can be noted:

  • increased operational readiness;
  • quick installation;
  • easy to set up and manage;
  • wide reconfigurable range;
  • high degree of protection from external factors;
  • The minimum error is ±0.3%;
  • high stability;
  • durability.

How do I choose the right device?

In order for the absolute overpressure sensor to work efficiently and without failures, when choosing it, it is necessary to pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Pressure characteristics to be measured: type, as well as a range of values.
  2. The measurement accuracy of the overpressure sensor means that it is necessary to determine the accuracy class of the device.
  3. The type of output signal – here it is necessary to rely on personal preferences.
  4. The operating conditions of the device are the temperature and humidity of the ambient air. So, for example, if the humidity is 100%, then you need to choose a model with a housing with a protection class higher than IP65. To use the device in conditions with high temperatures, a heat–resistant sensor is recommended, and at subzero temperatures - in a metal case and without plastic elements to ensure its long-term operation.

The price for an overpressure sensor depends on the manufacturer's brand, the model of the device, as well as its technical characteristics. The catalog of our online store contains a wide range of products, so you can buy a device that will completely cover the needs of production. The order is delivered within 3-4 days to any point in Uzbekistan.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Что такое датчики и для чего они используются?

Датчики - это устройства, предназначенные для измерения различных параметров, таких как температура, влажность, давление и другие. Они широко используются в промышленности и научных исследованиях для мониторинга и контроля различных процессов.

Как выбрать подходящий датчик для конкретных задач?

Для выбора подходящего датчика необходимо определить параметры, которые требуется измерить, и условия эксплуатации. Обратитесь к нашим специалистам для консультации по выбору датчика.

Какие типы датчиков представлены на вашем сайте?

На нашем сайте представлены различные типы датчиков. Подробную информацию о каждом типе можно найти на страницах продуктов.

Есть ли у датчиков гарантия?

Да, многие из датчиков, представленных на нашем сайте, поставляются с гарантией производителя. Информацию о гарантии можно найти на странице каждого продукта.

Как оформить заказ на датчик с вашего сайта?

Для оформления заказа на датчик просто перейдите на страницу продукта, выберите необходимый товар и следуйте инструкциям оформления заказа.

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