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Stationery — assortment in the online store

Office supplies are useful little things that are necessary in everyday life for studying, work, creativity, and doing business. In the modern world, different paper, handles, pencils, folders they play an important role. It is difficult to imagine keeping reports, organizing the educational process and household chores without such products for the office, business and school. If you want to order stationery online at an affordable price and with delivery in Uzbekistan, please contact online store We guarantee a wide range of products and favorable terms of cooperation.

Office in Tashkent: features and advantages

Since stationery in Tashkent and other cities of Uzbekistan is represented in a wide variety, it is sometimes difficult to decide on a purchase. We sell only certified products, so you can buy everything you need of high quality. In addition to the main items, our stationery store offers flash cards which cannot be dispensed with while working with office programs, transferring information from the phone and creating any projects. We advise you to order an office with a reserve, so that you always have the necessary little things at hand.

It is more profitable to buy stationery for the office and school in the online store. Here are the main arguments:

  • practicality — you do not waste time on shopping trips and choose which stationery to buy in a calm home atmosphere;
  • value—for-quality ratio - in the online store, prices for stationery in Tashkent are cheaper, since physical outlets put high margins;
  • assortment — Schetchik stationery has a large number of positions in the online catalog, so here you can order everything for the comfortable work of office staff, students, business owners;
  • Product update — the online store presents trending and relevant products that are in demand and of good quality.

If you decide to order stationery, take a responsible approach to the purchase. Choose products for recording, printing, and organizing documents only from trusted brands. You should not focus on too low prices, because then the condition of the accessories may upset you. You can see the price list for stationery in Tashkent from our online store in the online catalog. We offer the best prices for all stationery products. There are both budget options and premium products on sale.

Assortment and prices of stationery

Online stationery store in Tashkent knows how important it is to make shopping convenient. We are guided by the wishes of customers and are constantly expanding the range. Our catalog contains the most popular and in-demand items that will be useful for home, work assignments, school preparation, etc. is a stationery store where you can buy such useful supplies on its website:

  • Office paper. This is the sales leader among all office supplies, because sheets in bundles are quickly consumed and used for many tasks. The online catalog presents the usual self-adhesive paper for the cash register of different densities and sizes. You can order goods in any quantity to provide educational and office facilities.
  • Flash cards (external memory). With them, you can easily store the necessary files, transfer data from one device to another and perform other important tasks.
  • Markers. Multicolored and black, thin and thick, ordinary and for a white board — choose those stationery in Tashkent that are suitable for the tasks set.
  • Various folders. The usual organizers for paper, files, recorders, with and without attachment. On the Schetchik can be purchased at an affordable price for a folder of the desired size by choosing the format and color of the cover.
  • Handles. If you need ballpoint pens or other products from this section, choose a convenient option and restock before school or after vacation.

Do you want to purchase the entire office really profitably, quickly and without unnecessary hassle? Schetchik online is at your service!

Online Stationery Store : advantages of the purchase

To order the necessary products on our website, make a purchase on the website or contact the manager using the contact phone number. The price list for stationery (Tashkent and the whole of Uzbekistan) will pleasantly surprise you, because we have the most affordable prices. Free consultations are also provided — we will help you complete a set of stationery according to your request. Customer reviews indicate a high level of service. We offer you to buy everything you need for school and office, evaluating in practice the advantages of our online store. The warranty is provided for a separate group of products. You can find specific product items using the search bar. Delivery is carried out throughout the country (Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, etc.).

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Что включает в себя ассортимент канцелярских товаров на

В ассортименте нашего сайта представлены разнообразные канцелярские товары, включая ручки, маркеры, папки, внешнюю память и другие принадлежности, необходимые для офиса и учебы.

Как выбрать подходящую внешнюю память для работы и учебы?

При выборе внешней памяти обратите внимание на объем памяти, скорость записи и чтения данных, а также совместимость с вашими устройствами. На нашем сайте представлены носители с различными характеристиками для удовлетворения всех ваших потребностей.

Какие маркеры лучше всего подходят для досок и маркировки документов?

В нашем ассортименте вы найдете маркеры для белых досок, постоянные маркеры и маркеры для маркировки документов. Выбор зависит от вашей конкретной задачи: для досок идеальны сухо стираемые маркеры, а для документов – маркеры с постоянными чернилами.

Какие папки подойдут для систематизации документов?

Мы предлагаем широкий выбор папок, включая регистраторы, папки-портфели и папки на молнии. Выбор зависит от объема документов и условий их хранения. Папки-регистраторы подходят для большого объема, а папки на молнии идеальны для переноски.

Какие ручки предлагаются на и как выбрать подходящую?

Наш ассортимент ручек включает шариковые, гелевые, перьевые ручки и маркеры. Выбор зависит от ваших предпочтений в письме: для плавного письма выбирайте гелевые ручки, а для точности и долговечности – шариковые.

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